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Bi-Directional Net Metering!

Why is it so important?

Bi-Directional Prepaid Meters


  • Bi-Directional: Measures kWH going to (->) & from (<-) main distribuition board (Inverter)
  • Pre-Paid Electricity top up function that links to your bank account.
  • Remote Energy Monitoring through online Portal for both:
  • Safety features
    • Alerts municilpality if inverter fails island mode tests
    • Built in Surge Protection
    • Tamper Protection
  • Time of Import and Export for Time of Use Tariffs

The problem we're trying to solve

1000’s of homes in South Africa have installed rooftop solar, however, once your batteries are charged & your home’s load is supplied by the inverter – the potential energy available from the solar panels is going to waste, converting into heat, instead of being exported to the grid.

If we can innovate and implement a new means of Bi-Directional kWH metering we will solve 2 problems:

  1. Solar Users are compensated for their electricity, making returns on their investment quicker!
  2. Municipalities increase revenue through buying and selling this excess energy
  3. Our grid has more energy available, improving the state of the overall energy crisis

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