Abela Solar

Our Client Procedure

Step 1: Phone Consultation

Once you have sent in your enquiry, we’ll contact you to answers some basic questions like:
1. What is your monthly electricity usage?
2. Do you have electric stoves and geysers?
3. What is the main purpose for your Solar PV system?

Step 2: We'll recommend you a system

We’ll provide a solution for your needs and specify:
1. Inverter Model Size
2. Number of Panels
3. Number of batteries and battery model
This will be issued in our first initial estimate quote.

Step 3: Site Assessment

Once you have an idea of the proposed solution, we’ll conduct a site assessment where we examine your roof, distribution board, building structure and inverter distance for our installation team to prepare for.

Optional Extra: We can install a power monitoring system to provide key details to your consumption and peak power demands. Click here to order one

Step 4: Final Recommendation + Invoice

Once mounting structures, cable lengths have been finalised we will issue you your final invoice.
You can purchase the recommended system on our online shopping portal here

Step 5: Deposit (85%)

In order for us to secure and source components for your system we require an initial deposit of 85% of the final invoice.

Step 6: Delivery

The arranged system will then be delivered to your address

Step 8: Installation

One of our installers will arrange with their teams to come and install your system. Expect this time to be 1-2 days depending on the size of your system

Step 9: Final Payment (15%)

Step 10: Issuing of Warrantees and Certificate of Compliance

Warrantees for your Batteries, Inverters and Panels will be issued along with a 500 day workmanship warrantee.

Step 11: Customer Support