Abela Solar


R 55,000,00

Additional Information

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Maximum Input Voltage: 1100V
Rated Input Voltage: 620V
Maximum Input Current: 132A (33A/33A/33A/33A)
Startup Input Voltage: 250V
Minimum Operating Voltage: 200V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range: 200V-960V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range (Full Load): 540V-850V
Maximum Number PV Strings: 12 (3/3/3/3)
Number of MPP Trackers: 4
Rated AC Active Power: 60000W
Maximum AC Active Power (PF=1): 66000W
Maximum AC Output Current: 3 x 92A
Rated AC Voltage: 380VAC/400VAC, 3W+N+PE
AC Voltage Range: 277VAC-520VAC (Adjustable)
Rated Grid Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz (45Hz-55Hz / 55Hz-65Hz)
THDi, rated power: <3%
DC Current Injection: <0.5 In
Power Factor: 0.8 leading ~ 0.8 lagging
Ingress Protection: IP65
Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to +60°C
Maximum Operation Altitude: 4000m (>2000m Derating)
Humidity: 0% to 100%
Communication: WIFI/RS485/GPRS
Dimensions: 85.5 × 55.5 × 27.5 cm
Weight: 67kg
Warranty: 5 Years


R 55,000,00

Enhanced Energy Harvesting

  • Achieves maximum efficiency of 98.4%.
  • MPPT voltage range of 180~1000Vdc.
  • Supports up to 6 MPPTs with 2 strings per tracker.
  • Allows for 150% PV oversizing input and 110% overloading output.
  • Maximum MPPT current of 32A, with 16A per string.

Safety & Reliability

  • IP66 protection level for superior durability.
  • Optional AFCI protection.
  • Equipped with Type II AC & DC SPDs, with an optional Type I SPD.

Intelligent Maintenance and Economy

  • Built-in export power control for efficient energy management.
  • Supports remote settings and upgrades.
  • Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis for easy maintenance.
  • Aluminium AC cable connections available.
  • Individual current measurement for each PV string.
  • Optional SVG functionality.
  • Optional 24-hour operation monitoring.
  • Optional Power Line Communication (PLC).
  • Smart air cooling technique extends fan lifespan.
  • Advanced heat dissipation technology makes the system over 10% lighter and smaller.