Abela Solar


Additional Information

Nominal Voltage (V) : 51.2
Nominal Capacity (Wh) : 10.24kWH
Dimension (mm): 928×555×210
Weight (Kg): 110kG
Discharge Voltage (V): 45-53.5
Charge Voltage (V):
Recommend Charge/Discharge Current (A): 80
Max. Charge/Discharge Current (A): 100
Communication: CAN, RS485
Working Temperature: -20-60 C
Design life Cycle Life: 6000C

Dyness 1024Kwh Powerbox Pro User Manual

Our LiFePO4 chemistry battery offers superior safety performance and an extended cycle life, catering to diverse capacity needs. It features:

  • Advanced APP monitoring capabilities
  • Versatile installation options
  • IP65 protection rating for durability in various environments
  • Flexible expansion capabilities