Abela Solar


R 49,850,00


Additional Information


Max DC Input Power: 26000W

Maximum DC Input Voltage: 1000V

MPPT Range: 150-850V

Start-up Voltage: 180V

AC Output & UPS Power: 20000W

Maximum AC Output Power: 22000W

Maximum Efficiency: 97.60%

Euro Efficiency: 97%

MPPT Efficiency: 99.90%

Battery Type: Lead-acid or Lithium-ion (Not Included – Sold Separately)

Battery Voltage Range: 160-700V

Communication with BMS: CAN/RS485

Operation Temperature: -40°C to 60°C, 45°C Derating

Installation Type: Wall Mounted.

Weight: 20.5Kg

Dimensions (W x H x D): 408 x 638 x 237 mm

Warranty: 5 Years


R 49,850,00

Features include:

  • 100% unbalanced output per phase
  • AC coupling for easy integration into existing solar systems
  • Up to 10 units parallel operation for both on-grid and off-grid setups
  • Supports multiple batteries in parallel
  • Maximum charging/discharging current of 50A
  • High-voltage battery compatibility for enhanced efficiency
  • Six time periods for flexible battery charging/discharging scheduling
  • Capability to store energy from a diesel generator