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DYNESS bx51100

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Battery Type: LiFePO4
Battery Rated Power: 5.12kWh
Battery capacity: 100Ah
Max Charge Amp: 50A
Max Charge Voltage (Bulk): 56.5V
Absorption voltage: 56V
Float Voltage: 55.5V
Shutdown (cut off) voltage: 48~50V
Shutdown (cut) SOC: 20%
Reset voltage: 52V
Maximum charging current: 50A * amount of battery
Maximum discharge current: 50A * amount of battery
Maximum charge/discharge current: 75A (15s)
Communication: CAN / RS485
Dimension [W. x D x H]: 558*545*150mm
Net weight: 50Kg
Charge temperature: Range0-50℃
Discharge temperature: Range- 20-50℃
Maximum discharge power: 3.84kW
Protection level: IP20
Warranty: 10 years


R 19,999,00